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Welcome once again to THE DEOSIL DANCE, which is now issue 2 of this incarnation.
I think this form of the Magazine, is a good format, if however you know otherwise or wish to contact me, you can write direct to me at Your feedback is very important to me, for without it, I have no idea as to what people want to see in this, their magazine.

Please remember you can submit all articles, photos etc to me at, as a word document, it will help if you can make your articles 1,000 words and over and spell check them first and also indicate where pictures, photos etc should go in the magazine.  I am also welcoming artists, poets, even singers to get in touch, we can put Pagan music on the magazine to lull you or rock you as you are reading each article   Seriously folks, it’s a magazine for you by you and about you, you will get occasional articles by me Kim Morgan your editor about things that are either interesting or infuriating me at any given time.

THE 2008 DEOSIL DANCE MAGICKAL ALMANACK and DIARY, Response to the diary for the forthcoming year has been phenomenal, and sales have exceeded any expectations I had, so we have had a second reprint of just 200 copies, for people who have yet to order theirs
You can get your Diary £7.95 post free  (or £30 for 5 post free Ideal late Yule gifts) direct from us, via our Ebay Store. 
See our website at Ye-Olde-White-Magick-Shoppe

Those of you who know our Magickal Diary from the past know how important and magickal our diary is, we are thrilled that once again we  are publishing this diary, unique to us, full of magickal feast days, Sunrise and sets and moonrise and sets for every single day of the year, featuring a whole host of new features.
Can I also remind you that  we will not be having a fixed subscription, we would like readers to contribute by donation via Paypal and I would ask all  readership to make a donation every so often to keep the project going, without your input we cannot keep going, so once again it’s your magazine, please use it to get your points across. You can pay your donation towards the Magazine by credit/debit card and Paypal ( no you do not need a Paypal account to make a donation to the magazine) you can also send postal orders, cheques etc ( email me for a snail mail address)
We will be producing a small amount of Paper copies of THE DEOSIL DANCE for shops to sell to people who do not have computers etc, if you have a shop and would like copies of THE DEOSIL DANCE  to sell in your shop, please contact us, we will send you copies and an invoice, you will make a profit from stocking THE DEOSIL DANCE

BOOK AUTHORS/CD PRODUCERS :- If you would like your books and cd’s reviewed professionally, please contact me and we will give you a postage address to send your review books and cd’s to.

MUTUAL ADVERTISING:- Other magazine, e-zine editors, we are doing mutual shared advertising which has a long long history in Pagan publishing, if you put a banner advertisement for your magazine in your magazine/web site, we will put a reciprocate advertisement for your Pagan publication here in Deosil Dance. Contact us at for our Banner.

SHOP RETAIL ADVERTISING:-  If you are a shop, E-shop, Business that will be of interest to the Pagan community and would like to put an advertisement within Deosil dance, we can put you an advertisement for your shop in the magazine for the cost of £20 per issue for an advertisement 750pixels by 250 pixels, Payment to be made as a donation (tax receipts sent out), send me your artwork as a 750pixel by 250pixel image and we will paste it into the magazine.

PUB MOOT ORGANISERS:- If you are a pagan pub moot, group etc and want to feature in our listings, drop us a line and we will add your info in our Listings directory

WEBSITE DESIGN and HOSTING; As we have purchased a large amount of web space for the magazine, and as we have the technology, we can design you a website and keep the thing safe for you, for as little as £75 per year this includes your Site address ( example.,   If you want a web site designed for you contact our Coven Maiden Jennifer Giles at ( and she will happily discuss the matter with you.

So Merry Meet once again dear friendsand with Yule now behind us, let us walk into spring, enriched with the Knowledge that the midwinter is behind us and the first flowers of the Maiden Goddess will be with us ( and no doubt 40foot snow drifts thanks to Climate change!!!).  Once again and very many blessings be upon you and your hearth, from me and my Hearth


Kimberley Morgan





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