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KIMBERLEY MORGAN was born in Cheshire in 1961. An Aquarian by birth and Nature, She studied various Occult teachings from the age of 11 and was initiated into the craft of the wise in 1977.

As a High Priestess of both Gardnerian Wicca and an honorary Priestess for the Gwyddon tradition (a branch of traditional Welsh Witchcraft), and High Priestess of an open Pagan Magickal Group Cylch Arianrhod – The Circle of Arianrhod, a well respected Magickal order based in Wales

She continues to work as a practicing High Priestess of Wicca, Ritual Magickan and as a publisher and author in many esoteric fields. From Wicca to Astral Projection, from Egyptian Ritual Magick to Traditional Celtic Witchcraft

She writes in a simple and concise style which is easily understood by both the initiate and the student of the occult arts.

Kimberley is proud and outspoken about her beliefs; she has given interviews on local and national TV and radio and continues to be in the forefront of developing new ideas about all Occult teachings and paths.

Every Year Kimberley also produces a Magickal Diary and Almanac which contains a plethora of Magickal feast days, astrological data and Magickal information that is available from nowhere else.

If you would like to know more about Kimberley, you can contact her at or visit her on facebook, she would love to hear from you.
Recently Kimberley has been very busy travelling to give talks at various Pagan Venues as well as compiling the 2021 Magickal Diary (on sale at her Facebook page price £15.00 inc p&p). She has also been writing more books. The first of these is Witch Ladders and Knot Magic. This book has been specifically written for newcomers to the concept of modern day Wicca and its role within modern Pagan faiths and practises.  Today there are many different Pagan faiths along with witches we have heathens, druids, hedge witches, solo practitioners, moon worshippers the list is endless and as varied as the individual, but one thing that we all have in common is that we are all Pagan.
Kimberley writes "I am happy to realise that there is much more of a Pagan community now than when I first wrote the prototype of this book in the 80’s.  Back in the 80’s information on Pagan faiths were seen as a guarded secret hidden from all eyes and difficult for the individual to access.  Now there is information everywhere, but not all of it is either good or accurate.  Now, like then, there is a need for the information in a book such as this to introduce newcomers to our principles and practises and also to inform newcomers who may find this book of use as a reference point."

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Every year Kimberley Morgan brings out a Magickal Diary and Almanac showing you the Pagan feast days and festivals, the times of Sun and Moon rise and sets, along with detailed astrological information for every day, giving you the details of where the planets are.  Full of Magickal information and details of meanings of the fest days and the Gods and Goddesses celebrated on those days



The use of spells that are wrought out from cord and feathers, is a Witchcraft tradition that can be researched to at least 1874, with the discoverty of a Witch Ladder in a disused house in Somerset. It is an unusual discipline but one that brings positive effects.


When people first come to Wicca they are often confused by the overwhelming information that is often contradictory. Understanding Wicca is a book that approaches the Wiccan faith in a positive and constructive manner, showing the beginner what is needed and how they themselves can become enlightened to the positive energies that Modern Wicca offers.


Fire Magick


Candle Magick is a modern interpretation of the ancient art of Pyromancy and this book enters the world of positive candle magick in a fusion of Candle Magick and Planetary Magick, allowing you to perform spells and rituals that will empower your own personal Magick 


Runes are the mysterious alphabets of the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons, who used the individual letters to define magickal attributions and allow divination, or guidance for the future using the runes. Completely illustrated throughout showing actual runestones, so you can learn each symbol and containing the history and folklore of the Runes, another brilliant starter book



My new book, The Magick of Pentagrams goes through the history of why we use Pentagrams as Magickal symbols and how we can use them within circle, for extra power in our rites.



New Book


The Lost Art of Summoning Spirits
A definite concise work that allows you to enter the realm of spirit and commune with spirit safely
Goetic magick in a way that is easy to understand
1st edition signed copy



A massive work on helping you understand ritual magickal energies that also will help your learning.  a massive book of 394 pages



A massive work on helping you understand ritual magickal energies that also will help your learning.  a massive book of 394
The tarot is a mirror that can be reflective as to reflect future thoughts and ambitions. Heavily illustrated using the rider waite tarot, this is a wonderful beginner’s book that is easy to use





The Magick of Incenses and Ritual perfumes is highly underrated, so I have written this book to explain to people the importance of correctly made Incenses and Ritual Perfumers and how you should use them in your Magick.
Also covers the History of Incense and Oils and its origins in the ancient world, plus how we can use this knowledge today.
Contains 133 recipes so you can make your own Magickal Incenses and Perfumes with confidence



Tantra is the art of generating magickal sexual energy either aloner or with Magickally attuned partners Such energy can be used to dirct our magickal energies towards a completed aim

Heavily illustrated